Variable initialization

Radzen Blazor
I am using Components Tools, and I want to maintain the value of the variable created in Load on a specific page without F5 (update) initialization, but I am wondering what to do about the corresponding method.

Hi @sunho,

I am afraid I couldn't understand your question. Please elaborate.

After declaring a variable in Load, selecting the F5 key initializes all variable values. I want to know how to avoid initialization.
I want to exclude initialization for certain variables.

Blazor is basically Single Page Application framework, hitting F5 will reset state of the application to the "begining". It's like if you would closed and opened browser tab of your web page. Only way to retain state is to load it from db / server on Blazor app load or load it from client's browser's local storage.

It is loading from the local storage of the client browser. I would like to ask for a sample code for the corresponding method.

db / server on Blazor app load

If you use the corresponding method, it seems difficult because you cannot know the information about the session.