ValueAxis text orientation


I haven't found the chart setting instructing the ValueAxis text to change its orientation automatically as it seems to be in the RadzenCRM Step by step tutorial.

Thank you


Hi @FredK_Trashmail,

There is no such setting and this is why you haven't found it. The title of the value axis is always rotated.

This is what I am struggling with. Mine doesn’t. Small série, large série, it always overlaps and stays horizontal (using Safari).

Do you mean the category axis (which is the horizontal one)? If yes - there is no way to change the orientation of the labels at the moment.

Hi Korchev,

This is what I meant. In your Step by Step CRM example, one can see that the labels on the horizontal line are vertical and move / re-render towards a 135° angle as you add width. In the example below, such behaviour doesn't exist and a very limited number of columns make it very messy to read.



The labels of the horizontal and vertical axis do not support rotation. What you see in the tutorial is a screenshot from the Angular chart component which is an entirely different component based on a third party open source library.

On another thread you have already showed how to rotate labels by 45 degrees: