Validators in the password tab of the profile page are not working


I have implemented the default security in the settings of my Radzen application. Everything works fine except the profile page.

All field validators in the Personal tab work as expected. The validators display an error message when I click on the 'Save' button or even in real time for some fields.

However, the validators on the Password tab do not work. If the information entered in the password fields is incorrect, the page simply reloads. The validators do not display any error messages.

Since this is affecting the consistency of the behavior of the different modules in the application, I would like very much to know how to fix this behavior.


Hi @bgauvreau,

Indeed. Here is how to make them work until we release a fix in the default Profile page that Radzen generates:

  1. Set the Data property of the template form to ${"profile"}
  2. Create three page properties (oldPassword, newPassword and confirmPassword) of string type set to empty string ("")
  3. Set the Value of every password component. This is what was missing and made the validation not to work - the Value property wasn't set.

Thank you. I will give this a try tomorrow when I'm back to the office.


I confirm that the workaround works.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: