Validate Input of an Email Address?

Seems like a simple thing, but I'm hitting a brick wall. Didn't find anything in the forum. There's no validator based on Regex. I thought the easiest solution would be to render an HTML5 email input type. The text box component doesn't have an option to change the type. I tried setting up a custom HTML component and then added <input type="email" />. This rendered correctly in the app, but as soon as I entered some text into the custom input, the rest of my UX just disappeared. Seems like something crashed. No error in the console that I could see. Not sure where to go from here.


Indeed there currently isn't a way to validate emails in Radzen. We will make sure to add support for that soon. I will update this thread when this feature is ready.

Was there ever any work done on this?

Not yet, but we will release the EmailValidator with the next Radzen release.