Validate conditions between variables


In my Radzen project I do have cases where I do need validate a condition between variables. Like for example FinishDate is greater than StartDate and some similar cases.

Is there any way to do it with Radzen validators?

Thank you.

The CompareValidator would probably help.

I have tried the CompareValidator and if I use it to compare that two variables are equal like in the passwords example is working great, but when I use it to compare if one variable is greater than the other it does not work as expected. I assume that probably I am using it wrong but since there is no documentation I do not know exactly how should I use the CompareValidator in this case.

Where should I place the condition? In the "Visible" attribute?
Should I do something different with the "Value" attribute?

Thank you.

Indeed this isn't possible at the moment. We will implement a comparison operator feature for the CompareValidator which will allow the developer to set the comparison (equals, not equals, etc). For the time being you can use the Condition property of the Invoke data source method action.

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