Using custom middleware

I need to add some custom middleware to the startup of a Radzen Server Project.
The problem is, that the 2 partial methods that are built into the generated Startup.cs class are both called after the MVC Middleware is added to the pipline.
That middleware is terminal, so none of my custom middleware will be called if I use one of those hooks to add it to the pipline.

Is there a nice way to solve this without having to modify the generated Startup-Class?

Hi @BaD,

The only option is to modify the generated Startup.cs file. You will need to use Radzen's code generation ignore list.

Hi @korchev
Thanks for the quick answer, I worried that might be your answer. I'm going to do that then.
Would you consider adding another partial method to the Startup Class in the future, that would be a nice feature to customize the server-behaviour.