Using a default value in a dropdown

I got to set a default value for this dropdown to show selected when the page loads. However, the issue I am having, is that after the value is changed by the user, if the user wants to reset the dropdown, it would not change to the initial value.

@inject EventServiceHub _eventService
@inject IJSRuntime _jsRuntime
@implements IDisposable 

<div class="d-flex flex-column border-end border-1 px-2 py-1" style="width:200px">

    <label class="text-secondary">Affirmation Status</label> 

    <RadzenDropDown @ref="affirmStatusDDL" TValue="string" Data="@AffirmStatusList" 
                                     Value="@_selectedItem" SelectedItem="@_selectedItem"
                                     Change="@(value => OnValueChanged(value.ToString()))"/>


@code {

    protected RadzenDropDown<string> affirmStatusDDL;
    protected List<string> AffirmStatusList;
    private string _selectedItem = "Open"; 

    protected override void OnInitialized()
        AffirmStatusList = new List<string>() { "All", "Expired", "Open", "Required", "Not Required" };
        _eventService.OnFilterReset += ResetFilter;

    protected void OnValueChanged(string value)
        FilterParameters.AffirmStatuses = value;

    private void ResetFilter(object s, string args)
        _selectedItem = "Open";
        if (affirmStatusDDL != null)
            affirmStatusDDL.SelectedItem = _selectedItem;
            affirmStatusDDL.Value = _selectedItem;
        FilterParameters.AffirmStatuses = "Open";

    public void Dispose()
        _eventService.OnFilterReset -= ResetFilter;


I tried a few different ways to set the value back to the initial one on Reset but no luck yet. This is my latest attempt.

You can use @bind-Value and set the variable to null when needed.

Thank you @enchev. It worked by replacing Value with @bind-Value

Actually, SelectedItem is not really needed either.