User custom menu - Dynamic menu with database data

Is it possible to dynamically populate a menu with database information so each user can have their own menu items? For Blazor, WebAssemby or Server. Can I do it at least with code customization?
I'm new to it and I have this question to understand if it viable for the use case.

Hi @Mario_Ishikawa,

You can probably use the Visible property of the menu to determine if an item should be visible or not.

But for user based menu that will be tens or hundreds of options. Is there another way to really create it dynamically?

In my opinion web application with so many menu items will be unusable, still if you insist you can create menu items with simple @foreach.

That's exactly why I posted this question. So I can create only the ones needed per user. Not hundreds as using the visible option.

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Maybe using a grid as menu? And adjust the template later

Perhaps a good option is to consider creating a kind of parameters table and loading the menus there according to the role. I did it like this years ago in native programming...