Upload - IFormFile[] is empty


I am using upload component for single and multiple file uploading.

When i upload single file, everything works fine.

But when i want to upload multiple files, the post is sended, but the IFormFile array (list, collection or whatever i tried) is empty

Am i doing something wrong?

try to refer\work like the demo

Check the "Upload with additional parameter" example:

This is the UploadController that the demo uses:

Sorry, I don`t see how additional parameters can help me with this issue.

Can you provide more information?

have you tried using an array instead?

Yes, I have tried array, List and Collection, still does not work.

verify the controller HttpPost directive and the parameters in the uploadcomponent url and controller method match.

Url matchs, if not, the http will not be received by controller.
I have tried remove query part to send only IForm File, so my url looks:


But still, the IFormFile is empty.

I have tried select only one file, still empty. And When I select the same file with uploadcomponent with single, then the data is received correctly.

The name of the parameter is important. It should be files for multiple files. Try with:
IList<IFormFile> files instead of IList<IFormFile> file. You can also specify a custom parameter name via the ParameterName property of RadzenUpload.

It works!
Thank you very much. :pray: