Upload File to Restful Web API

I have set up the resources for Rest API with Post and using body but I keep getting "Unsupported media type". I have done some research and so I did the test using Postman with Key: Value pair with form-data. The upload works fine. Does Radzen support multipart/form-data?

The REST data source doesn't currently support multipart/form-data parameters. A possible solution is to upload the file to a custom method which invokes the Rest API via the HttpClient instead of saving it to the file system.

I've a Blazor WASM and i'm working without a servier side, only using a Rest API. Can i use this solution to upload the files to the REST api?

This solution is for angular. However a similar implementation should work for Blazor WASM - custom method which uploads to the REST API. Alternatively configure the Upload component to send the data to the REST API directly via the Url property:

<RadzenUpload Url="/path/to/rest">

Thanks for the fast response,
Soo, if i have a Rest Api with a methode that receives a IFormFile[] i can do it just with the post url api link?
Do i need to return a IActionResult?

I stiil receiving unsupported Media Type Error

Radzen.Blazor.js:521 POST http://localhost:58074/api/Savs/UploadFiles 415 (Unsupported Media Type)

This means that probably your REST API isn't properly configured.