Upload file error


I used upload component in the past with no problems but now, in a new project, I see an error when upload is finishing...

Can you point me in right direction about how to find the problem?


Hi Carlos,

Can you verify if your setup is similar to this article:

I've just tried the app from the article and it worked as expected:

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In development works as expected. I followed the article.
Problem is in production. Normally I have to change url settings in upload component to adapt production url. If url is wrong upload component fail before begin uploading file. In this case, url is correct and fail occurs at end of uploading file process. Any suggestion?


Hi @Carlos_Carminati,

You can use also custom server method approach where you do not need to change the url for production:

Excelent! I will try it.

Following steps in article:


What is wrong?

The problem is size limit

Thanks for your support.