Upload control, file names and ids

The upload component does not allow retrieving the file names of the uploaded files in the progress event. That makes real life scenarios complicated.

Most of the UI for uploading a file start with a "Choose button" and a file choose dialog (like Radzen). Then, the progress bar shows information about the upload (like Radzen). However, when the upload is completed, the UI usually changes to show the file name of the uploaded file and an option to discard the upload in case of a mistake. With Radzen I can't get that information.

I think a new event is needed. f.e. UploadComplete, that should notify of the uploaded file names, sizes and types, and the data returned from the upload controller (f.e. to get the ids of the uploaded files).

With the current control I can upload files but then the blazor page cannot associate them with an entity or remove the association.

We added Files property to Progress event arguments with info about name and size:

You can easily check of args.Progress is 100 to know that upload finished - check the demo for more info:

Hello Vladimir,

yeah, knowing that the upload finished is easy. However, as the file is stored in the DB in the MVC controller, I cannot know neither the filename nor the assigned PK from my TempAttachments table, so I really can't do anything with it.

You've missed to check the demo and the update from yesterday, right? You can pass additional parameter to the upload to know the primary key. With latest update you know the file name and size as well.

Sorry Vladimir, I didn't think it was released yet as there was no mention of it in https://www.radzen.com/documentation/changelog/

With those changes it is usable. Thank you very much!