Upload component

Are you able to point me in the direction of how to use the events associated with the upload component. I have a screen that uploads 1 or more files together with a reference to the parent ID and a description of the files. The upload with parameters works okay but I need to validate before allowing the upload
#1 - at least 1 file is selected
#2 - the description has been entered before upload button is enabled.

Hi, disabling the input button isn't supported at the moment (the PrimeNG upload component doesn't seem to allow that). Anyway we will investigate for possible workarounds (e.g. with an external upload button which can be disabled easily) and update the thread. In any case we will need to enhance the Upload component which will require a new Radzen release.

Hi korchev,
Thanks for the response. I did wonder if we could do something using onBeforeUpload ?

The onBeforeUpload event would trigger but I don't think you can stop the actual upload from it considering the source code.