Updating Display of Rows when data changes in 1 row

I have a grid with 2 checkboxes and a Title. the first checkbox indicates the row as Assigned and the second checkbox indicates the row as Default. I need to make it so when the user checks "Default", it unchecks that checkbox on all the other rows and updates the grid. It must maintain the state of all of these rows so that I can save the selections with a button click. I have been unable to get the grid to update rows of data that I did not click. How can I do so?

If everything is bound to model properties you can simply call Reload().

Can you give me an example of how the columns would be bound to model properties differently than just specifying the TItem and Property attributes on the RadzenDataGridColumn element? I am doing that and when I call reload on the grid, it clears all the changes I have made using the checkboxes

I’m referring @bind-Value two way binding used usually to bind components with value to a data item. You will find plenty of examples in our demos.

Ok I got it to work after binding the values on the checkboxes and making the grid's data source a materialized list instead of an IQueryable from my service. I do not have to call grid.reload()