Updating CRUD Pages after Table Column Changes without overriding customized CRUD Code

As we are prototyping, we have to update our MS SQL database often - adding tables or adding columns to existing tables etc. How can I update the CRUD Tables without it overriding our modified CRUD pages?

All files (models, services, DbContext, etc) should be overwritten to get the updated version of your database. If you do not want something to be overwritten in these files you can use partial classes in separate file. Pages can be either regenerated/overwritten or you can apply manually database changes - you can use partial classes here as well however this applies mostly for C# code and not for razor.

Thanks for the answer - it makes things a bit difficult considering customization - what would be the problem with allowing individual tables to be updated instead of all CRUD Pages? Partial classes are helpful, but most of our customizations are in the HTML.
You mentioned manually updating the database changes- I actually think that is the best answer - is there an article or documentation that shows how this is done?
Thanks - love the tool, just trying to figure out how to best use it :slight_smile:

You simply add, remove or change DataGrid columns and Form fields if there is a change in a table with a CRUD page.

I do have a quick follow up question and am sorry to bother you - if we create a new table or a new link - is there a way we can create just that one table CRUD pages so we don't get forced to do all the tables again *overriding a whole bunch of cusotmizations'?

We thought mabye starting a new campaign with just the table / tables in question and then copy over the files?


Yes, you can select which tables should be used for CRUD pages. This is the second step in the data source infer wizard - maybe you should simply try it.