Updated Radzen With Errors in public partial class OpportunitiesController

Radzen Crm Demo
CS0759 C# No defining declaration found for implementing declaration of partial method. partial void OnOpportunityCreated(Opportunity item). this is causing the build to fail after the latest update.

Also, the controllers in the Crm folder are missing a bunch of code starting from:

partial void OnOpportunityDeleted(Models.Crm.Opportunity item); on down on each controller.

Can you zip the server directory of your project (without bin and debug) and send it over to info@radzen.com?

The Problem seems to be with switching Data source's, or Azure Db. I reverted back to MS Sql Server 2017 Dev. and the app works fine. When I Infer the Azure DB The Entities box selects Tables, but Radzen has the CRUD Pages as views, which is not the case. Then won't Build