Update Record without Query Tracking

I have updated my data source to disable query tracking. Now when I try editing a record, any dropdown fields are not updated: they simply revert to the old value for that field. All other fields get updated as expected.

I have confirmed that the object getting sent to the update method includes the new value, but the update method is somehow reverting to the old value.

Is there a way to fix this?

You might need to regenerate your CRUD pages with this option checked.

Are you saying this is the expected behavior? This behavior always happens for me when "Enable Entity Framework query tracking" is unchecked, even when creating a new project from scratch. Regenerating the CRUD pages does not change the behavior.

I can only get the Edit dropdowns to work if I enable query tracking, but then the datagrid does not reflect any changes made by triggers on the database. I can manually add .AsNoTracking() to the service and that appears to work, but I would prefer to not have to manage an ignore list.

No. What I’m saying is that disabled query tracking comes with special code for CRUD pages that is not available when the tracking is enabled. I’ll try to replicate the problem using our sample database and I’ll post my findings here.

Issue confirmed! Fix will be released in our next update Monday.

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