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I have the Radzen 2.25.3 software with license and when I create a Blazor project, the Radzen.Blazor package in Visual Studio is in version 1.0.1 but I want to upgrade to 1.1.18 or 1.1.19, like the example https://blazor.radzen.com/export-excel-csv because in 1.0.1 I do not have Grid.Query for example.
My problem is after I update in 1.1.19, I generated the pages with the Radzen software and my data source, but it creates components in version 1.0.1 and generates a lot of errors.
How can I generate pages with version 1.1.19 components with Radzen software in a Blazor project ? I am forced to work only on visual studio with the package up to date and give up the use of the Software ? But I buy a license in part for this software ...

waiting for an answer, thank you in advance
Rth Ben


The latest version of Radzen is 2.30.8 and the Blazor projects created with this version will use Radzen.Blazor 1.1.18.

Usually Radzen will auto-update itself when new version is available, unless auto-updates are disabled:

I'm unable also to find license with your email - you can send us more info about your purchase at info@radzen.com.

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