Update NuGet packages of Radzen project - is it safe?


when opening my Radzen app which uses EF Core 7 in Visual Studio, I can see that most of the EF Core packages are version 7.0.0 but there are newer versions available. Is it safe to update these packages or will Radzen revert any changes when I re-generate the app using Radzen? Updating Razen Blazor controls is happening automatically when Radzen itself is upgraded but there are other dependencies such as EF Core 7 or MS Identity packages that remain on the inital version they had when I created the app in Radzen.

Any feedback if updating the packages in VS is recommended or should I wait until Radzen will update those (if this ever gonging to happen).


Hi @JustJoe,

Radzen IDE itself will not touch any upgraded NuGet package on run however we cannot guarantee if everything will work properly runtime with newer versions.