Unexpected Result When Creating Datagrid

Hi, I was working through a simple example and did not get the results expected while building a datagrid. Follow this basic process:

  1. Create a new project.
  2. Add oData source and use sample data.
  3. Add new blank page.
  4. Add Datagrid.
  5. Select grid properties.
  6. Use "New..." function of Data dropdown.
  7. Select "getOrderDetails" from sample data.
  8. Use default settings. Do not select to include Order or Product.
  9. Click through to Save.

The resulting datagrid has been automatically configured with SortProperty, FilterProperty, and Template filled in to point at expanded Order and Product information. The columns are also named 'Order' and 'Product'. Because I asked the wizard not to include the Order and Product data, I expected to see columns name 'Order Id' and 'Product Id' which simply display the integer key data. So it seems in this scenario that the wizard is triggering some of the code to build in expanded data even when the respective include checkboxes are not set. Is there something I am doing incorrectly?

Edit: This behavior is noted in v2.32.4

Thank you.

Hi @lsummy,

You are right, we will fix this in the next release later this week.