Unexpected Display Issue with 2.31.0

Good Morning, I just updated to 2.31.0. My test project is using the Dark Theme which seems to have some display issues now. The project displayed correctly in 2.30.x. The display issues seem to persist in the design environment as well. Best Regards.

That's a regression indeed, thank you for reporting it. We will release a fix tomorrow. You can downgrade Radzen for the time being or use another theme.

Also the "Customize Theme" saves the Results, but the theme isn't changed after it is saved.


I tried other themes but with mixed results.

So I have downgraded until new fix is released.

What theme did you change? Which settings? We need more info than that.

I'm Using the Humanistic Theme, and the only thing I changed is the header color, ProfileMenu, and SidebarToggle background to #4A4A4A, Radzen Saved the settings, but didn't update the theme. Angular Version.


Thank you @Hivoltech. The Humanistic indeed couldn't be customized at the moment. We have fixed this. To apply the fix do the following:

  1. Update to latest Radzen (we will release a new version later today).
  2. Go to application settings again.
  3. Change the theme to something else and then back to Humanistic (this is required to wipe out the wrong settings)
  4. Apply the customizations again.

Hi Guys
is there a menu point for theme customization?
or what is the procedure to modify a theme?


It is in the Application settings. Use the settings option in the top right corner. Requires a Radzen Professional or Enterprise license though.

It is working Great.


The original issue in this post has been tested in v2.31.2 and appears to be resolved. Thank you!