Undefined event on button click


I need to access the event.target object when I click a button from a grid (each row having one of those). On the click function, the event is always undefined. Shouldn't it come with the usual event object?


Hi @pbotas,

You can get the event if you assign click event as attribute. Check this article for more info:

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It's still not working.
I'm pretty sure that it was working in the past. So I followed the call stack and found that the event object wasn't being passed on the click.next function in the button.js file under @radzen/angular/dist/. I changed the file like in the image below and now it's working.
I don't know if this is the correct fix but it's working.

None of our components will pass browser event object as argument to events - this code is unchanged since the beginning. Check the article I've posted in my previous reply.

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