Unbound dropdown in the grid edit template

Hi Friends,

Does it possible to use an unbound dropdown in the Blazor Datagrid component's edit template?

When I try that, the text and the value properties have been coming from the grid's data source instead of my data source. (This case can be used for gender selection (Male / Female), or something like this (Yes, No, No Idea))

If I use an unrelated table, or a locally created data source how can I assign the text and the value properties for the dropdown control?

I could not find any sample about this idea.

Could you please help me?

Hi @koksal.basar,

The EditOrderDetails page from CRUD pages created from our Sample database is exactly the same scenario. You can define your lookup data on Page load as in-memory collection.

Hi @enchev,

I absolutely understood what you mean. Sometimes I forget Radzen has a great and easy approach.

I have to see this with myself :slight_smile:

Thanks one more time for this great, easy, and powerful tool.

I want to explain why I'm confused. When I add my lookup data source to the dropdown in the grid's edit template, I've expected this data source's fields will be shown in the TextProperty and ValueProperty instead grid's own data source fields. This was confused me. But the component is working independently in this scope. I couldn't figure it out at the beginning. This is not very important but maybe you want to check out in the next releases.