Unable to save settings page without error for Material Theme

Hello, I'm creating to inform that I am unable to save the settings page without any error. There seems to be an issue in the Material Theme settings. please refer to the image below :

Which also resulted in affecting all the buttons in the entire application. There are all colorless now.

Please check and fix the needful or share your thought on how better it can be handled.

Thanks !

Hi @Preethi,

The value you have set for slider handle background color is not a valid CSS color - it is missing one character (it has to be six characters long after the # symbol). Try entering a new valid color.

Hello @korchev,
I have verified both the options. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to a figure where the wrong value is in the "Customize theme" section, but I managed to fix this in the app.json file. After fixing the "$slider-handle-background-color issues, the Material Theme CSS file was fully updated.

When I ran our application with the updated css, the entire application is affected. Here are few of the observations:

  1. Data not visible until it's hovered in datagrid
  2. No selection of page in navigate panel
  3. Font Size of the buttons are bigger
  4. Datagrid navigation are bigger

Basically, the pages in the application look different than what it used to be.

Could you please advise on how we proceed with this? Fixing this on our side could be a significant effort. (Which I prefer not to do)

Thanks !

Hi @Preethi,

Do you have any custom CSS that might collide with our Material CSS? Any global styles for colors, etc?
Here is also more info about what is changed in Radzne.Blazor 4.0 themes:

Hi @enchev,

No, Our Application has been mostly using Material CSS. Any other page that requires the additional changes are in the ignore list.

Thanks !

Hi @Preethi,

I’m still not sure about the issues you’ve reported.

There are intentional visual changes in our 4.x themes listed in the thread I’ve linked and that’s why the major part of the version is raised. If you don’t like the new version of the themes you can keep the 3.x version of Radzen.Blazor.

There are parts of what you are reporting that is not how the theme works/look:

Any idea how to reproduce the second part?