Unable to Load Project

I was able to browse and edit my project on Friday 7/31. Today I get the following error when I attempt to load it in Radzen:

My project does build OK, and I can deploy it to IIS. I just can't edit it with this error.

Any help would be appreciated!


Bill D.

Hi Bill,

Please zip your app meta folder and send it to us at info@radzen.com.

Hi Bill,

I was able to open normally your project and all pages worked in designer:

Can you try to restart Radzen? Are you using the latest version?


I restarted Radzen several times. Then I backed up my application and re-imported it, but still had the same issue. Then I created a new project and copied over the meta folder, and it resolved the problem. I had to re-enter my SQL connection information, but it appears to be working again.