Unable to delete an edited user


I have created a basic Radzen Blazor application with the .NET 5 framework. I added security to the application with the Default Provider and an MSSQL Express database. I finally added 2 users to the application.

If I try to delete a user right after its creation everything is fine. But if I try to delete a user that was first modified from the edit dialog, I get the following error message.

I have to refresh the browser to be able to delete a user that has been previously modified.

All the user management windows are those that were automatically created when the security was set up.

I also tried with the .NET 6 framework with the same result.

As I have already spent a lot of time looking for the cause of this error, your help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @bgauvreau,

I was able to reproduce the error - fix will be released immediately!


Thanks for the quick response.
When can we expect to be able to download the version of Radzen with the patch?

The update will be available after an hour.

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Great. Thank you very much for your excellent support :slight_smile:

That works now ! Thanks