Unable to apply hot reload because of a rude edit

How do I resolve the following prompt:

This started when I installed .net8 and version 17.x

Hi @kest874,

It seems the hot reload implementation in .NET 8 has changed and it now wants to restart the application a lot more often than before. We are not sure if we can do anything to mitigate that. Starting and stopping the application is the only workaround (and also what the dotnet CLI seems to suggest).

And I assume there isn't a way intact or to choose "Always". I'm running into this quite often now.

I found a workaround add "DOTNET_WATCH_RESTART_ON_RUDE_EDIT" with the value of "true" as a system variable and it will restart when needed.

I was having to hit stop then start continually.

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That's a good find! We can add it to the environment in Radzen Blazor Studio.