Ui updating numeric and star rating for dynamic key/value pair

Howdy guys,

we are just about done making a Radzen JSON based form builder / form reader, we are essentially in the final phase of this;

we are having an issue with the numeric and star rating values on the UI when we are dynamically creating the form reader key / value pair

so the scenario goes as this....

  1. load the form reader JSON and render the UI components to the screen
  2. create an empty placeholder for the form reader JSON
  3. user selects a star value on the rendered input
  4. the form reader JSON inserts the key / value pair, we can see this
  5. the form builder star rating is not being updated reflective of the user interaction

for example;

a new form is loaded (no form reader values at that point), user selects the star 3 out of 5
we can see the star key value pair created in the form reader JSON, however the star rating on the UI remains empty

is there anything we need to do to re-bind the star rating value? i'm assuming that even though we are clicking and recording the values, in the form reader JSON, this might not be bound to the form builder UI component.....

any thoughts here?