Type or Namespace Doesn't Exist

Hello all. So far my experience with Radzen has been painful and slow. All I'm attempting to do is create a default Blazor (Server-Side) project with authentication. The project creates just fine, however, once I connect to a database and then implement default security (doesn't matter which RDBMS) I receive an error message stating "The type or namespace name 'Entities' does not exist in the namespace 'ReddickRolloffs.Models' "

Note, "Entities" is what I used for the "Name" column when creating a new database connection.

Are there any tables in that database? Does changing the name from Entities to something else work?

No, the database is empty. I thought that Radzen would create the identity tables upon launch and first login. Is that not accurate?

Hi @AdamsTech,

This sounds like a bug in our code generation not allowing application to compile if the database is empty. It will be fixed in the next update.

Ok. That's a minor annoyance but it happens. However, creating those tables manually for now did seem to work.