Two potential errors in RBS

Hello all. This is my first post, so please feel free to correct any posting etiquette issues. RBS is quite amazing and I've been really enjoying learning it. It has already provided me with some exciting career gains in the short time I've been using it, which I'm very grateful for.

I had two questions about potentially unintended functionality in RBS:

The first relates to viewing files in the Explorer view in RBS. When you have a file selected, then scroll down the Explorer view to a given folder, then expand that folder, the File view snaps up to the most recently selected file. This has the effect of snapping the File view all the way up to a previously selected file when you're trying to expand a folder to view the files in that folder. Depending on how large the File tree is, this can be quite disorienting. Is it possible that this behavior will be fixed in the future?

The second question is regarding the Ctrl+W shortcut. In most applications I've used that make use of tabs, Ctrl+W serves to close the current tab. In RBS, Ctrl+W serves to close the Editor. I find myself often having many tabs open at the same time in RBS. If having many tabs open at once is common for others as well, would it be possible and worthwhile to change the Ctrl+W shortcut in RBS to close the current tab, instead? Or are there any plans to have a close tab shortcut in the future?

I also have an error that I'm encountering with the RadzenCheckBox but I was wondering if the forums or the RBS Issues tab on Github would be preferred for posting up code snippets and discussing more technical issues.

Thank you so much!

Hi @RichardR,

We will try to fix the problem with unnecessary scrolking in the file explorer.

I don't understand the second issue. Ctrl+W closes the current tab in Radzen Blazor Studio as well.

RadzenCheckBox questions should not be reported as RBS issues. You can report them in the forum.

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Thank you very much for the reply! Very strange. I am currently in RBS, with multiple tabs, and not only does File->Close Editor say Ctrl+W, but when I press Ctrl+W it does indeed close RBS, not the current tab.


Here is what happens when I press Ctrl+W. I used an example app, but this happens in any app I have open.

Hi @RichardR,

Thanks! I reproduced the problem. There was a duplicate CTRL+W shortcut which sometimes takes precedence. A fix will be included in the next release.

Thanks so much for your time and replies! It's very much appreciated.