Tutorial Instructions unclear

I have been trying to work my way on the Blazor "complete app" tutorial.
It took me quite some time to understand that in the section

Customize CRUD - Associated opportunities with users

there are separate instructions for both the "Server Side" blazor project and the "Client Side" blazor project.

From the documentation, it seems that you're asking us to change some files on the client-side part of the project and some others on the server host application.

It is very unclear that is one way OR the other and not both. The only way I figured it out is because I got fed up of trying to understand what you were suggesting and went to see the finished project in github.. which by the way points JUST to the server side version here

I was curious to see what was on the "Radzen-examples" root repository and noticed by pure chance that there was a BlazorCRMWasm folder .. and by looking at the folder structure I understood what was going on .. (that you are mixing the two project versions on a single tutorial).

I couldn't find references to the BlazorCRMWasm repository in the documentation and it was very difficult to follow afterward.

I imagine the BlazorCRMWasm part was added afterward or something similar but PLEASE update your documentation and somehow separate the two versions of the tutorial.. ideally add a new tab Blazor WASM along with the regular "Blazor" (server) and "Angular" versions to distinguish them. It is currently very confusing (I'm not the first one, see: CRM Tutorial Issue)

You have an even worse problem here:

You give instructions for a server-side project and make no mention of the necessary adjustments for a client-side version of it. And the requirements is also never mentioned. At the very least link to the full tutorial.

Hi @Paulo_Chang,

You are right, the instructions in our documentation for Blazor server and Blazor WebAssembly should be separated in better way and we will do our best to do that!

Thanks @enchev

As a side note, what is the official support channel? Is it the forums? Is it the info@radzen.com e-mail address?

Yes, info@radzen.com is our official support channel.

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Thanks, kudos for the blazing fast response!