Turning Security On/Off: How to handle during development?

Hi everyone,

I want to build a Radzen application that will be run on a production server using Azure AD authentication. I managed to setup everything and it works fine.

However, I need to specify a callback URL for authentication in Azure AD, which is currently "https://localhost..." since I run the Radzen on my developer machine. When publishing the app on my production server, I need to change this URL to the corresponding server.

But then, I cannot use Azure AD authenication any more in development mode on my maschine. So what I did: I changed the security provider back to "None". However, all Azure AD settings get lost then and I need to re-enter then once I build a new release for the production server.

Is there any way I can turn security on/off on the development machine at any time without loosing the settings of the actual secuirty provider? Furthermore, I used the "Conditions" feature to prevent dialogs from being opened when an unauthorized user tries to open them.

Here is use this code: ${Security.IsInRole("Admin")} - this works well, but again, if I turn "Security" to "None", it gives an error due to the unknown namespace "Security". Again, I have to go through my code again and again to turn security off and on during development / release build.

This not a very efficient workflow. Any ideas how that can be streamlined/optimized?

Thanks a lot and best regards,


You could probably use multiple redirect URLs in your Azure AD configuration:

Radzen indeed does remove all security related code when you disable security.

Thats a good idea! Thanks!