Trying to reset or update validators when any input is changed in data grid inline edit

I need to be able to run all validators when all or any inputs are change during a data grid inline edit/insert some of my validators are depend on several inputs at a time. I believe theirs away to call the validator in template forms but I have found the the same for datagrid edits.

Hi @Sir_John_Balman,

RadzenDataGrid provides the current EditContext as a cascading parameter. You can probably create a component which does that by interacting with the EditContext.


<RadzenButton Text="Validate" Click=@OnValidateClick />

@code {

    public EditContext EditContext { get; set; }

    void OnValidateClick()


<RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="MyItem">
         <Revalidator />
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thanks for replying I ended up, just filter the drop down data list based on current saved data. so that the user was unable to select multiple for a given Type. Again thanks!!