Trre control as filter for templateform


I would like to use the tree control to display infomration from n2N tables and then when the user selects a node for the templateform to populate.

I have go the NW example running :

  1. how do I populate the template from from the child node value (not the displayed text)?

  2. How to get child levels to load based on the ID of the parent node?



Child nodes in all Tree component examples in this demo are populated according to parent node:

Furthermore Edit Form (which is a TemplateForm) from CRUD pages created by Radzen is populated exactly by a parameter used to retrieve the object from data collection.

thanks but i still can't see how to populate a tree using two queries, one for the parent and one for the children.

And then how do i populate the CRUD form when i click on the child node? All i can see is the node text value but i need the value (ID)

thanks John