Trouble with the Tree Control

I am using the tree control to display about 30 items with parent, child and grandchild only.

If I set the parent to "Expanded=false" then the very first grandchild is missing. However, if I set it to be expanded, then it is rendered correctly. I have stepped through the code and in both cases it is a member of the TreeItems collection.

However, if I set everything to expanded, then maybe the second parents grandchild is rendered twice. I haven't full investigated this.

My fix for now is to expand the first TreeItem parent so that the first grandchild is visible and then not expand any of the others on rendering, and this seems to work for all entries.

Not sure I understand what the problem is. Will need some code and more details.

The code is dependent on a database. But basically the problem is this. If the "Expanded" property is set to false for the first parent, then the first grandchild is not visible.
I found a work around by setting the first expanded to true and the rest to false, so I am okay.

Actually, I am using the Syncfusion Tree Control. Sorry for the confusion.

@Daniel, this is the Radzen forum and we do not provide support for third party vendors. Please pay attention to what components you are using - checking and trying to understand every forum thread takes time.