Trouble deploying

I tried to create a ZIP package from the deploy functionality and I get the following error:

radzen: Generating code ...
radzen: Code generation done in 763ms.
radzen: Preparing server application for publish ...
dotnet:  Restoring packages ...
dotnet:   Restore completed in 177.34 ms for C:\Users\thier\Documents\GitHub\TA\Radzen\server\project.csproj.

dotnet: Microsoft (R) Build Engine version for .NET Core
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

dotnet:   Restore completed in 103.6 ms for C:\Users\thier\Documents\GitHub\TA\Radzen\server\project.csproj.

dotnet:   project -> C:\Users\thier\Documents\GitHub\TA\Radzen\server\bin\Release\netcoreapp2.0\server.dll

radzen: Server application prepare for publish done in 6934ms.
radzen: Building Angular application in production ...
dotnet:   project -> C:\Users\thier\Documents\GitHub\TA\Radzen\server\bin\Release\netcoreapp2.0\publish\

ng-cli: Node#moveTo was deprecated. Use Container#append.

ng-cli: Date: 2018-08-06T21:35:11.233Z
Hash: 14566412ce62b3601cff
Time: 15027ms
chunk {0} styles.cc867088c94f3c15e977.bundle.css (styles) 174 kB [initial] [rendered]
chunk {1} polyfills.9f57c29e71f3fdf6e18f.bundle.js (polyfills) 86 bytes [initial] [rendered]
chunk {2} main.9669d6e87305b837b878.bundle.js (main) 84 bytes [initial] [rendered]
chunk {3} inline.0c83620a07bf32149034.bundle.js (inline) 1.45 kB [entry] [rendered]

ERROR in : Cannot determine the module for class ConfigLayoutComponent in C:/Users/thier/Documents/GitHub/TA/Radzen/client/src/app/config-layout/config-layout.component.ts! Add ConfigLayoutComponent to the NgModule to fix it.

ng-cli: Exited with code: 1
radzen: undefined

Hi @semafox,

This usually means a page you have deleted or renamed has a few of its generated files left. Is this the case? If yes you can delete the client\src\app\config-layout directoryand the application should build. If not please zip the meta directory and send it to us over email.


Thanks, deleting the directory fixed it.