Tree Component Right Click ContextMenu?

Just wondering if it's possible to combine the ContextMenu with the Tree? So you could right click on a branch and get a ContextMenu to do more actions?

I had a quick attempt but it doesn't look like it's supported?

I've added new special event for that + example:

It will be released before the end of the week!


Awesome, thank you! Didn't think about using a Template! Look forward to using it :slight_smile:

Hey. Sorry I have just got back around to looking at this. All works fine, but a couple of queries (Or maybe not)

1) is using Async/Await within the ContentMenu.

I'm getting the following warning "Avoid using async Lambda when delegate type returns void" on the 'e' MenuItemEventArgs (See below)

2) Refresh/Reload Tree

Is it possible to refresh or reload the tree like on the Tabs? As above, I either sort or delete content in the delete, and I then want to refresh the Tree to show the changes (Sometimes from another component).