Tree Component not selecting parent

The tree component is not working as I would expect it to. Use can use Radzen Demo site to see this behavior.

I am expecting the parent node to be included in the results whether I click the Parent first or the Child first. This is not happening.

Option 1 - this works
Select Seafood first and all the children get selected automatically. The console shows the correct data.

Continuing with Option 1, uncheck all the children except for Ikura. The console shows the correct data. I expect to see Seafood and Ikura

Option 2 - this does not work
Select Ikura first. Visually, the UI is correct. However, the console shows the incorrect data. I am expecting to see Seafood and Ikura in the console.

Is Option 2 by design?


You can check my replies:

@enchev Looks like you may have fixed this issue with the next release.

Does the Radzen Demo site get updated automatically on each release?

Just wondering so I try on the Demo to see if the fix is working.


Just clone the git repo if u want a preview before the release

Yep, the demo will automatically use the latest version once released.