Translating "choose" button to local language

Hi ,
I have a file upload button, default it's labeled "Choose" , how can I rename or translate this label .

Hi @mcanavar,

You can set ChooseText property:

For this I have to convert the form to TemplateForm

Maybe it will be better to use the approach from this article:

can not find the button on the **.component.html

<rz-file-form-field property="Picture" i18n-requiredText requiredText="is required" i18n-title title="Afbeelding" i18n-type type="file">

Field type is "File" and the "choose" button is automatically added I guess.
It is the default "Profile" page for the user image .

I see. We will expose the property to the Form field as well.

Thank you ! look forward to the update.

Thank you for the update! Text property for the button tekst is now also available for the Form field.