Translate radzen components

I cannot understand how to translate certain components.
For example: if I add a Label I can find the relevant string in server/Pages/

Put here my localized label

But if I enter the html component I cannot find any new section...
I expected to find a data name="html0.Text" but this is not the case.

The same happens, for example, with tooltips.
If I enter some tooltips I cannot find any relevant string in the language .resx file...

There is no default resx generation for generic HTML component. You can add desired resx file to application ignore list, append your own entries and use them similar to other localized strings in Raden designer.

I clicked on 'settings' and added my .resx page
When I click on 'run' the page is NOT re-generated so I think it is OK.
Now I have an html component called 'Welcome' so I added in my .resx file

<data name="Welcome.Text" xml:space="preserve">

When I restart Radzen (click on 'run') I still see the text in English while I expect to see 'xxxxxxxxxxxx'


You’ve missed the second part.