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I have a grid with a date field and when displaying the filter of the date field, all the options appear in English, how can I translate it into Spanish?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @at_extchj232,

At the moment translating the filter options is not supported. We will probably implement that in a future version of Radzen.Blazor.

Any news on this topic?
Thank you very much for this component!!

Hi @whann,

It is already implemented. By the way, for future reference, if you want to expedite a feature or you need anything urgently consider purchasing a Radzen Professional subscription.

Hi, could you explain how to set the language to the filter options?. I need to translate it into Spanish, too.
Thanks in advance.


how can I translate it into Spanish?

Thanks in advance.


How can we specify the language for the texts of the advanced filter? Or set custom texts? We can't find anything about this in documentation.

Thanks a lot for your work.

Check this thread: How to change Language on Popup Filter within datgrid columns

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Great, got it! Thank you very much!