Total Sum - Footer template


I tried to do this example here:

Is there a footer-template in Blazor? (Radzen)

Also i wanted to use ${>p.UnitPrice).reduce((a, b) => a + b)} for displaying a total in a label - with no success.

Is this eaven possible now in blazor or is it still in developement?

Thank you! Regards!

Hi @chackl,

This is still not added to Blazor however we will do our best to provide column footers in the update.

Just released Radzen.Blazor 1.0.12 with FooterTemplate added for DataGrid columns. Demo added as well:


any plans if this also will be available in radzen?

Yes, we will release Radzen update before the end of this week. The feature is already in the master branch:


Hi, i try to do something like the post of Enchav with the demo and the grid with FooterTemplate but its dont work :
I have a grid :

And i try to add footer like this :

This compiles even if there is an error, but I can not access my page.

The only thing that works is this bizare mix :
<RadzenGridColum .....>
<RadzenButton .../>
<FooterTemplate " >
<RadzenFooter ">
Total : 20

But the standard grid footer and scroolbar vertical has disappeared :

Can you help me pls ?
Rth Benjamin

Can we have a Global Footer ? Independent of any Column?

Hey @zmp2000,

You can always place a component just below the DataGrid.

Yes but the pagination would be in the middle of it