ToolTip - ToolTip Show - NavigateTo -- Cannot read property 'removeChild' of null

Dear Radzen Team,

Faced a strange problem while using ToolTip.

If on the page called open ToolTip.
And then click on the button with NavigateTo, then an exception occurs.

If ToolTip was not shown, then this problem does not arise.

Sometimes there is such an exception. But I can't catch her.

I have had a very similar experience. What I have done is call TooltipService.Dispose() before calling any navigation. Sometimes this works, sometimes it does not.

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I'm having this problem when I include the tool tip service in more than one layout. Tried tooltipservice.Dispose() but still get the error. Help please!

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I was able to solve the problem by adding the mouse leave event to my button.

    <RadzenButton Icon="engineering" Text="Maintenance" Click="AddMaintenanceEvent" Style="margin-bottom:3px;"
                  MouseEnter="@(args => ShowTooltip(args, new TooltipOptions(){ Text = "Add Maintenance Event" }))"
                  MouseLeave="@(args => tooltipService.Close())" />

Yes. Also noticed that if the layouts change, then the problem occurs 100%. But unfortunately I couldn't find a solution.