Toggle Function on menu not working

I'm not sure what is happening here, but for whatever reason I can not hide the sidemenu. It seems to work sporadically. The screenshot below shows you what is happening. This is happening on a couple of applications not just the demo I built based on the tutorial. I looked at the online demos and they seem to be working fine.

So one question based on this. I went to the designer code and changed the code to just make the sidebar visible/not visible, but when rerunning the Radzen generator, it seems to overwrite those changes and put back the toggle function. Is there a way I can override this, at least in the short term?

Edit - It seems if I go to another tab and return to the tab, the toggle corrects itself.

Hi Kevin,

You can tell Radzen to keep your changes and to not regenerate a page, layout or any other application file if you put the file in ignore list:

The side bar with the navigation menu is in main layout.

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