Today is not correctly set in the binded object

Hello All,

Am facing an issue with the DatePicker.
Student stud = new Student();
Am binding an object's property in the control: @bind-value=@stud.AdmissionDate

while running the application, the UI shows today in the datepicker.
if the user leaves the control without changing, something bad happens and in the DB, previous day got saved!

But if the user opens the datepicker and simply click on same today's date and save, then Today got saved!

That is if the user opens the date picker and pick a date, that value is correctly set in the binded object; but if leave the control without opening, current date is shown in the control, but previous day is some-where some-how got send to DB!

Any idea why it happens?
If there is a way, any Forceful method to call and apply the control value binding back to the property of the binded object?

Thank you

This should be @bind-Value=@stud.AdmissionData. The casing is important.