TimePicker in SideDialog

I have a DateTimePicker where I wanto to edit only the Time Part

<RadzenDatePicker @bind-Value="@(Entity.Date)" TValue="DateTime" TimeOnly="true" DateFormat="HH:mm" Name="Ora" class="w-100" />

If I insert in a component that I pass to the DialogService.OpenSideAsync it doesn't open the minieditor

await DialogService.OpenSideAsync<AttendanceEdit>($"Modifica Timbratura #{badge.IdBadgeData}", 
                        new Dictionary<string, object>() { { "Id", badge.IdBadgeData } }, 
                        options: new SideDialogOptions { CloseDialogOnOverlayClick = false });


Seems fine to me.

Nevermind, I forgot ShowTime="true"

Sorry and thanks