Timeout inferring schema after 30 seconds

About a month ago, I was testing out some ideas in Radzen and connected to our production SQL Server. The 'Infer Schema' worked fine, even if it did take several minutes to respond.

Not having much time to test since, I upgraded to the most recent version a couple of days ago and now, trying the same process, the infer schema process times-out after 30 seconds.

The database has around 550 tables and 530 views.

All SQL Server connections timeouts are set to 10 minutes including remote query timeout's.

We will need your database schema (as SQL script) in order to troubleshoot the problem. As a Radzen Professional user you can send it to info@radzen.com. We will recreate a similar environment and test why the timeout happens.

Thanks, I'll get a script created and sent over to you.
FYI: SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition v13.0.4435.0

Script has been sent

Thank you for the cooperation @Eggy1968. We have introduced a new setting in the data source configuration screen that allows you to set the connection timeout. Once you increase it Radzen should succeed in inferring the schema.

Thank you!
The speed at which you get fixes out it very impressive. Keep up the good work!