There is no page schema


I add new page using "CRUD" page Template
But I can not select a page schema because it says "no results found"

I'm using Rest Api as data source and already add some schema. my app run successfully with blank template. but why there is no page schema for other template?

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CRUD pages are not available for REST data source, only for OData and database data sources.

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Ok, thank for fast response :smiley:

sorry again, is there any example CRUD using Rest API?

Here are the relevant articles from our documentation:

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thanks again sir. my data source is using Rest API only. is there any suggestion how to do CRUD datagrid component using Rest Service? :shushing_face:

Once your service is described in the REST data source you can call service methods when needed. For example you can invoke GET method on Page Load, save the result as Page property and bind a DataGrid component to the Page property. You can add a column with Button component in the column template and execute DELETE method of the service on Button Click. You can handle DataGrid RowSelect and open new Page with TemplateForm to edit the record, etc. Please check the articles I’ve posted for more information how to create CRUD pages manually.