Themeforest kind of HTML templates

Can some one point out if razden can be used with bootstrap css?

If thats the case we can use it with themeforest kind of HTML templates that supports bootstrap


Yes, Radzen Components can be used with bootstrap. See the Get started article step 3. Include a theme.

I think @V_raja is asking if he can use a custom bootstrap theme to style the Radzen.Blazor components. This however is not supported - the Radzen.Blazor components do not rely on bootstrap class names for styling.

Then how do I use bootstrap templates?
How do I use those bootstrap classes?

You can't use bootstrap templates or bootstrap classes to style the Radzen.Blazor components.

Can we use razden components inside a bootstrap project?


Do we have HTML templates that uses razden css files?

Yes you can. However the Radzen.Blazor components will not be styled as the rest of the bootstrap project.

No, we have the Radzen IDE.

Is Razden IDE free?
I assume with razdon IDE we can design our own CSS files that raden blazor components can use?

Also can we style navigation menus, navigation bars just like the bootstrap ?

The Radzen IDE has a free version but customizing the CSS is a paid feature.