The width of a component

Hello, I have a problem with the sizes of several components such as RadzenFieldset, RadzenProgressBar, ... I have updated from version v4.11.2 to v4.18.0 and it seems that the widths or minimum widths have changed and it draws it narrower.
Can you tell me what property has changed by default or what can I do to make it work as before?

Thank you.

We've not changed anything related to width of the components recently - you can check the commits for reference:
Commits · radzenhq/radzen-blazor · GitHub

I just checked exactly what happened from v4.11.2 to v4.12.0, supposedly on May 31, 2023. I'm going to look at the repository

Could it be the "Update CSS classes and variables in layout components" commit on May 25, 2023? The refers to the expand property and that's what happens to me that the components don't stretch.

Please, I don't find where the problem is, I include what happens to me with an image. There is some change in some style that causes the component not to expand